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RTK V2 technical parameters
GNSS configuration Number of channels: 800+
BDS: B1, B2, B3
GPS: L1, L2, L5
GALILIEO: E1, E5a, E5b
SBAS: Support
QZSS: Support
Output format ASCII: NMEA-0183, binary code
Positioning output frequency 1Hz~20Hz
Static data format GNS, Rinex dual format static data
Difference format CMR, RTCM2.X, RTCM3.0, RTCM3.2
Network mode VRS, FKP, MAC; support NTRIP protocol
System Configuration operating system Linux operating system
Start Time 3 seconds
data storage Built-in 8GB ROM, supports automatic storage of static data
Accuracy and reliability [1] RTK positioning accuracy Plane: ±(8+1×10-6D) mm (D is the distance between the measured points)
 Elevation: ±(15+1×10-6D) mm (D is the distance between the measured points)
Static positioning accuracy Plane: ±(2.5+0.5×10-6D) mm (D is the distance between the measured points)
Elevation: ±(5+0.5×10-6D) mm (D is the distance between the measured points)
DGPS positioning accuracy Plane accuracy: ±0.25m+1ppm; elevation accuracy: ±0.50m+1ppm
SBAS positioning accuracy 0.5m
Initialization time <10 seconds
Initialization reliability >99.99%
Communication unit I/O port USB Type-C interface, SMA interface
Built-in 4G network communication Built-in eSIM4 card, including 3 years Internet access fee, you can connect to the Internet after power on
WiFi communication 802.11 a/b/g/n access point and client mode, can provide WiFi hotspot service
blue tooth communication blue tooth® 4.2/2.1+EDR, 2.4GHz
Built-in radio Built-in transceiver station:
Power: 0.5W/1W/2W adjustable
Frequency band: 410MHz~470MHz
Number of channels: 116 (16 of which can be configured)
sensor Electronic bubble Realize smart alignment
Tilt measurement Built-in high-precision inertial navigation, automatic attitude compensation, 8mm+0.7mm/°tilt (accuracy within 30°<2.5cm)
User Interface button A power button
LED indicator light Satellite lights, signal lights, power lights
WEB UI Built-in WEB page to realize receiver setting and status check
Function application Advanced Features OTG function, NFC IGRS, WebUI interaction, U disk firmware upgrade
Smart application Smart base station, smart voice, function self-check, smart CORS
Remote Service News push, online upgrade, remote control
cloud service Equipment management, location services, collaborative operations, data analysis
Physical characteristics Host battery Built-in high-capacity lithium battery 6800mAh/7.4V, network mobile station working time is more than 10 hours[2]
External power supply Support USB port charging and external power supply
size Φ132mmx67mm
weight ≤0.82kg
Power consumption 4.2W
material The shell is made of magnesium alloy material
Environmental characteristics Dustproof and waterproof IP68
Anti-fall Resistance to natural drop of 2m high measuring rod
Relative humidity 100% non-condensing
Operating temperature  -30℃~+70℃
storage temperature  -40℃~+80℃

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