FOIF RTS102R10 30x Station Reflectorless Estacion Total Other Optics Instruments

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Image: Positive field of view: 1°30 ‘
Objective effective aperture: Φ50mm resolution: 3″
Magnification: 30X
minimum viewing distance: 1.0m
Precision: ±(2mm+2×10-6·D)
Measuring distance: 1000m/ prism-free; 1200m/ reflector; 6000m/ single prism
Fine test: 0.5S
Angle measurement
Angle measurement method: absolute coding
Angle measurement accuracy: 2″
Minimum reading: 1 “/5″
Compensation range: ±3 ‘
Power supply: Operating voltage: 7.4V DC (rechargeable lithium-ion battery)
Working time: continuous Angle measurement and ranging about 12 hours, continuous Angle measurement about 45 hours
Communication: RS-232C/USB/SD card/Bluetooth (optional)
Memory: 120000
Waterproof, dustproof: IP66

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