Japan brand GTS-1201 Non Reflective Mirror Low-priced Remote Portable High Quality Total Station

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Technical index
Model GT-1201 GT-1202
Automatic tracking/automatic sighting
Automatic tracking   optional
Drive mode    ultrasonic motor drive
Maximum speed/maximum automatic tracking speed   180°/ SEC /20°/ SEC
Automatic tracking automatic collimation range    360-prism ATP1/ATP15³:2 ~60Cm
Small rod prism R1PA/ Prism 5:1.3 ~ 500m
Standard single prism AFO1AR/ Prism 2:1.3 ~ 1000m
Reflector (white moving sight) “:RS10/30/50N-K:5-50m
RC sensor    optional
Single-person measurement system (RC handle +RC-5A when used)   2~300m
Magnification/Branch rate   30X/2.5“
Other tube length: 147mm, objective aperture: 38mm(EDM: 38mm), imaging. Just like, the field of view Angle: 1°30(26m/1000m), the shortest focal length: 1.3m
Angle measuring unit
Minimum display (optional) 0.1″/0.5″ 0.5°/1“
Angle measurement accuracy (ISO17123-3:2001) 1′ 2′
Biaxial compensator/collimation correction    liquid biaxial tilt sensor, compensation range -5.5′
Ranging department
Laser output grade    no prism: 3R grade, prism/reflector level 1
Ranging range (under general meteorological conditions), no prism   0.3~1000m
Reflector RS90N-K:1.3~500m,RS50N-K:1.3~300m,RS10N-K:1.3               ~100m
Small prism   1.3 ~500m
Single API standard prism   1.3~5600m
360° Prism ATP1/ATP15   1.3 ~ 1000m
Minimum display fine test: 0.0001m/0.00°, quick test: 0.0001m/0.001, tracking test/road: 0.001/0.0lm
Range accuracy prism-free   (2+2ppmx    D)mm
(ISO17123-4:2001) Reflector plateplate   (2+2pgmx     D)mm
AP/CPprism   (1+2ppmx D)mm
Measurement time fine test: 1.0 seconds (first 1.5 seconds), quick test: 0.6 seconds (first 1.3 seconds), tracking test; 0.4 seconds (first time 1.3 seconds)
System/interface and data management
OS/Application Software   Windows CE7/MAGNET Field
Display/keyboard 4.3 inches, automatic brightness control, with backlit semi-transmission TFT WVGA color LCD touch screen/backlit 24-key keyboard
Operation panel    double-sided touch screen (touch screen operation only when the disk is on the right)
Trigger key   located on the right side of the instrument bracket
Data storage memory   1GB(including software storage space)
External   USB flash memory (up to 32GB)
Interface RS-232 Serial port, USB2.0(A port and small B port)
Wireless communication Blue tooth Level 1 Bluetooth, Ver.2.1+EDR, ordinary Bluetooth notebook transmission distance 300m, long-distance Bluetooth notebook 600 meters,RC-5A+RC handle 600 meters
Guided light green laser diode (524mm) and red laser diode (625nm), operating range: 1.3-150m
Laser pointer   coaxial red EDV laser beam
Level graphic level   ±6′(inner circle)
Round level   0′/2mm
Optical alignment,    magnification: 3X, minimum focal length: 0.5m from the base
Laser centralizer (optional) Level 2 laser products, red laser diode (635nm±10mm), centralizing accuracy: ≤1.0mm@ 1.3m
Dustproof and waterproof grade/Operating temperature   iP65    /-20~-50℃
Dimensions (including handle)    212(W)x172(L)x355(H)mm
Weight (including handle and battery)   about 5.7kg
Power supply system
Battery BDC72,5986mAn. 43.09Wh rechargeable lithium battery
Working time (20℃)   about 5 hours

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