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iRTK20 Technical specifications
GNSS configuration Number of channels 1408
Satellite tracking BDS:B1l,B21,B3I,B1C,B2a,B2b
GPS:LIC/A, L1C, L2P(Y), L2C,L5
GALILEO:E1, E5a,E5b, E6*
SBAS:L1, L2,L5
Output format ASCI: NMEA-0183, binary code
Positioning output frequency 1Hz~20Hz
Static data format GNS,Rinex dual-format static data
Difference scheme RTCM2.X,RTCM3.X
Network mode VRS,FKP,MAC; Supports the NTRIP protocol
System configuration Operating system Linux operating system
Data storage Built-in 16GB ROM, support static data automatic cycle storage
Accuracy and reliability RTK positioning accuracy Plane :±(8+1×10-6D)mm(D is the distance between measured points)
Elevation :±(15+1×10-6D)mm(D is the distance between measured points)
Static positioning accuracy Plane :±(2.5+0.5×10-6D)mm((D is the distance between measured points)
Elevation :±(5+0.5×10-6D)mm (D is the distance between measured points)
Difference accuracy of satellite station Plane accuracy :10cm; Height accuracy :20cm
DGPS positioning accuracy Plane accuracy :±0.25m+lppm; Elevation accuracy :±0.50m+lppm
SBAS positioning accuracy 0.5m
Inclination measurement accuracy 8mm+0.7mm/etilt
Image lofting accuracy 1cm
Initialization time <10s
Initialization reliability >99.99%
Breakpoint continuation RTK measurements are still available during differential signal outages
camera Features: Professional star night vision HD camera, large viewing Angle, support real scene lofting
Communication unit I/O port USB type C interface; SMA interface
Cellular mobility eSIM card: Support host and manual dual eSIM, dual network dual standby,Including 3 years of traffic, boot is high precision
Built-in 4G network communication :TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE,WCDMA,TD-SCDMA,EDGE, GPRS, GSM
WiFi communication 802.11a/b/g/n access point and client mode to provide WiFi hotspot services
Bluetooth communication Blue tooth®2.4GHz, BT5.2
Built-in full protocol radio Transceiver integration: base station launching and mobile station
Receiving power :0.5W/1W/2W adjustable
Frequency band :410MHZ to 470MHZ
Number of channels :116 channels (16 of which are configurable)
sensor Electronic bubbles: Intelligent alignment
Tilt measurement: Built-in a new generation of high-precision inertial navigation, automatic startup initialization, automatic attitude compensation
User interface Button: Single button
LED prompt light: satellite light, signal light, power light
Functional application Advanced features :NFC flash link,WebUl interaction, USB firmware upgrade
Intelligent application: intelligent voice, function self-test
Remote service: message push, online upgrade, remote control
Cloud services: Device management, location services, collaborative work, data analytics
Physical characteristics Host battery: high capacity lithium battery 6800mAh, working time is better than 16 hours
External power supply :USB 15W charging
Size :130mmx69mm
Weight :<0.75kg
Material: The shell is made of magnesium alloy
Environmental characteristics Dustproof and waterproof :IP68
Anti-fall: Resist the natural fall of 2 meters high measuring pole
Relative humidity :100% non-condensing
Operating temperature :-45°C~+75°C
Storage temperature :-55°C to +85°C

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