NTS-332R10 Reflectorless Total Station Surveying Equipment Single Prism 5000mTotal Station

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Model NTS-332R10
Distance measurement
The maximum distance
(Good weather)
Single prism 5000M
A reflective sheet 1000M
no prism 1000M
Digital Display Maximum: 999999999.999 Minimum: 1MM
Precision +(2mm+2*10-6·D)
Accuracy 2+2PPM
Mirror-free distance measurement (no cooperating target)
Measuring range (Kodak gray, 90% reflectance) 1000m
precision 0-300m 3+2 300-600m 5+2>600m 10+2
Mirrorless measurement time Continuous 0.35s. tracking 0.2s, single time less than 1.2s
Prism measurement time Continuous 0.35s tracking 0.2s, single time less than 1.2s
weather correction Input parameters are automaticallv modified
Prism constant modification Input parameters are automatically modified
Angle measurement
Angle measurement method absolute encoding
Code disc diameter 79MM
Minimum reading 1″/5″Optional
Accuracy 2″
Detection method Horizontal plate: opposite diameter Straight plate: opposite diam
Imaging Erect
Tube length 154MM
Lens effective aperture 45MM EDM:50MM
Field of view 1Degree30Second
Resolution 3″
Minimum focusing distance 1M
Automatic vertical compensator
System Dual axis liquid electric
Scope of work +/-6′
Accuracy 1″
Spirit level
Vial 30″/2MM
Circular level 8′/2MM
Laser plummet The Laser precision :+/-M
Optical Plummet
Imaging Erect
Magnification 30X
Adjustment range 0.3M To infinity
Field of view 5 degree
Display section
Type Dual-side
Mechanical battery
Power supply Rechargeable nickel-Metal hydride batteries
Voltage DC6V
Continuous working time 8 Hours
Size and weight
Size 206*180*353MM
Weight 5.4Kg

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