Lei ca TM60 High Accuracy 0.5” Magnification 30x Total Station Robotic Circular Prism 3000m Total Station

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TM60 Technical Parameters
Angle measurement
Accuracy (Hz and V) Absolute coding, continuous, quadruple shafting compensation 0.5”(0.15mgon)OR 1”(0.3mgon)
Distance measurement
Range Prism (GPRI.GPHIPP/ Long Range mode) 0.9m to 3500m /12000m
No prism/any surfaces 0.9m to >1000 m
Accuracy/measurement time Single prism 0.6mm+1ppm/ typical 24 seconds
Single time (any surface) 2mm+2ppm/ Typical 2 seconds
Spot size 50m 8 mm x 20 mm
Measurement technique System analysis technology based on phase principle Coaxial, red visible light
Wide Angle camera and telescope camera sensor 5 megapixel CMOS sensor
Field of view (Wide Angle camera/remote lens camera) 19.4° /1.5°
Frame rate Up to 20 frames per second
Direct drive, piezoelectric ceramic technology Speed/face change time Maximum 180°(200gon) per second/typical 29 seconds
Long Range Automatic aligning (ATRplus)
Range ATRplus mode Circular Prism (GPRI.GPHIP) 3000m
360° Prism (GRZ4,GRZ122) 1500m
Accuracy/measurement time ATRplus Angle measurement accuracy (Hz,V) 05″ or 1 “/ typical 3-4 seconds
Resolution ATRplus small field resolution 94′
Basic parameter
Operating system/onboard software Windos EC7/ Leica Captiwate Software (with apps)
Processor TI0MAP4430 1GHz dikaryon ARM@ Cortex~ -A9 MPCore™
Autofocus telescope Magnification/focal length range 30x/17m to infinity
Display and keyboard 5-inch, WVGA, color, touch screen, double-sided Qwerty keyboard 37 buttons with lighting
Operation 3 infinite bit drive, 1 servo focus type drive, 2 autofocus keys, user-defined shortcut keys
Power source Replaceable built-in lithium battery with intelligent charging function Use time up to 9 hours
Data storage Memory card 2GB/SD card 1GB or 8GB
Port RS232, USB, Blue tooth. Wl.AN
Weight Battery included 7.2kg
Environmental parameter Operating temperature range -20℃ to +50℃
Dustproof and waterproof (IEC60529)/ rain proof IP65/MI-STD-810G, Method 506.5-1
moisture-proof 95%, no condensation

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