CHC M9 Gnss Receiver Rtk 1408 Channels Survey Equipment Base and Rover Gnss Rtk Surveying Gps Rtk

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Satellites and accuracy Satellite system GPS+BDS+Glonass+Galileo+QZSS, support Beidou three generations, support Five Star 21 frequency point
Number of channels 1408
Initialization reliability 99.90%
No network continued test support
anti-interference Narrow band anti-jamming technology, effectively shield the internal electromagnetic interference of the host
RTK accuracy Plane accuracy:±( 8mm + 1×10-6×D)mm
Height accuracy:±(15mm + 1×10-6×D)mm
Static accuracy Plane accuracy:±(2.5mm + 0.5×10-6×D)mm
Height accuracy:±( 5mm + 0.5×10-6×D)mm
GNSS+ Inertial navigation IMU update rate 200Hz
Tilt Angle 0-60 degrees
Tilt compensation accuracy 10 mm + 0.7mm /° Tilt (accuracy <2.5cm within 30°)
Super inertial navigation Does not exit after the INS initialization is complete
User interaction Pilot lamp 1 satellite light +1 differential data light +1 static indicator light +1 power light
Key Static switch button + Power/Confirm button
Web page Support PC/ mobile web page
Camera Feature Supports visual lofting
pixel 2MP
Frame rate 25Hz
Field of view (H, V) 5°,75°
illuminance Starlight camera, 0.01lux illumination still maintains full color picture
Physical characteristics dimension Φ133 mm*87.6 mm
weight 0.8Kg (battery included)
material Magnesium alloy
Operating temperature -45℃~+75℃
Storage temperature -55℃~+85℃
Waterproof breathable membrane Prevent water vapor from entering the equipment in harsh environments such as sun exposure and sudden heavy rain
Waterproof and dustproof IP68 (30 minutes underwater 1 meter immersion)
anticollision IK08 (subjected to the same mechanical impact as the 2.5kg steel ram without damage, resistance to 3m drops)
Electrical performance battery Built-in 3300mAh lithium battery
The typical endurance of the mobile station is more than 11h
Fast charge Support fast charge, charge for 1 hour, restore 70% power
External power supply (5-12)V DC
Storage 8GB
Data output Differential data RTCM2.X、RTCM3.X、CMR、CHC516
Location data NMEA-0183
Static data HCN、RINEX 2.11、RINEX3.02
Data communication Wireless connection Support NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi touch and flash receiver;
Network module Mobile phone support 4G full Netcom
Radio station Built-in single radio, support Huatou /TT450/ transparent transmission protocol
Advanced function Online upgrade Supports remote receiver upgrade
Super double harvest Support radio + network two way data difference at the same time, to provide comprehensive data services
One-click matching Support manual book software one-click matching base station data
One-click fixation Own CORS account, boot can be fixed
Intelligent service Support Huatang cloud services, provide cloud storage, function code sharing
Control manual Model HCE600 Android Measuring handheld
Operating system Android 10
CPU Octa-core 2.0GHz processor
network 4G full Netcom, built-in eSIM for three years of mapping traffic
Liquid crystal display 5.5 “HD display
battery Typical battery life is 14 hours
Waterproof and dustproof IP68

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