OpenMower: Open Source Robotic Lawnmower with RTK GPS


At the end of May, SOUTH representatives visited Costa Rica and made various trainings to local distributor and customers.

The first was delivery training of USV SU30. The training finished perfectly, distributor was very satisfied with its excellent performance.




A presentation of the boat was also held to more than 150 surveyors that distributor invited. All of them were deeply impressed by SOUTH hydrographic technology and professional technical support.






And then, there were the trainings for FLY2MAP Drone-eco Pro, Total Station Maintenance and RTK G7.








Finally, SOUTH representative and distributor visited the surveyors and engineering entity, held a meeting with its president and the director of Surveyors College about SOUTH VR Simulated Survey Training System. They expressed their great interest in the system, believing that it is unique and has huge market potential.

Post time: Jun-23-2022